Rhodes, Greece

The Medieval City Of Rhodes

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I’ve traveled to over 80 countries and hundreds of cities and people often ask where my favorite place is that I have visited. In today’s video we travel to one of my favorite places in the world Rhodes.

We will take a walk through the streets of Old Town as it winds through inner city walls and its myriad of shops, restaurants, and cafes. We will take a tour and explore the Castle Palace of the Grand Master built in the 7th century and which has been converted to a museum.

There are a number of tours for you to enjoy in and around Rhodes. I have visited Rhodes a handful of times and as a photographer I never tire of roaming its streets, walking through back alley ways and exploring the buildings in this wonderful medieval city.

If you are going to travel to the Greek Islands whether by plane or cruise ship I would make sure your itinerary includes Rhodes, you will not be disappointed.

Ancient Olympia, Greece

Home of the Olympics

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In today’s video we travel to ancient Olympia, Greece the home of the Olympics and where they started at the Olympia Archeological Site. We will walk through the well-preserved ruins that date back to the 8th Century BC. We will explore the training grounds, the Olympic stadium and the temples of Hera and Zeus.

What really surprised me was its size covering 550 square kilometers that housed approximately 70 buildings. Much of the grounds are shaded and covered with fallen temples, alters and pathways lines with towering stone columns.

For me the highlights were the temples of Hera and Zeus. Another favorite was the Olympic Stadium where the running events took place. It was not an oval track like in today’s running events rather a 192 meter flat surface that is surrounded by a gentle slope on all sides that held 40,000 spectators. I found the excursion to the Olympia Archaeological Site highly enjoyable and well worth taking especially for those interest in history of the Olympics.

Iraklion (Heraklion) Crete

Knossos Archaeological Museum

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In today’s journey let’s explore one of the possibilities on the island of Crete and take a shore excursion to the Knossos Archaeological Museum. We will walk through the well-preserved ruins dating back to the mid-1500’s BC and the oldest city in Europe. It is the largest of the Bronze Age archaeological sites on Crete and thought to be Plato’s mythical city of Atlantis.

The Palace of Knossos where King Minos reigned still attains a beautiful well-preserved fresco along with several other on the grounds including one of Theseus battling the Minotaur. You will also find the famous Labyrinth built where the Minotaur was kept by King Minos.

I found the excursion to be Knossos Archaeological Museum highly enjoyable and well worth taking especially for those interest in history and Greek mythology.

Athens, Greece

I am CREW… Follow me to my ship and the port of
Piraeus, Greece

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I am now home in northeast Thailand in the small farming community of Nawa and once again able to post every week. In the coming weeks I will post videos of Greece featuring Rhodes which is one of my favorite ports, Olympia where the Olympic games began and the Akrotiri Archaeological Site on Santorini. I will also post videos of the Knossos Archaeological Site on the island of Crete, Ephesus in Turkey which is amazing, cruising through the Suez Canal and another check on my bucket list… a visit to Petra, Jordan.

This video is the final leg of my journey from my home in Nawa to the port of Piraeus, Greece which many ships are using to access Athens. If you are looking for a place to stay that is close to the ship, less then 5 minutes, if you are embarking in Piraeus this video was made with you in mind. Even if you are joining your ship in Athens I recommend staying in Piraeus as it is a short 30-minute drive and away from the tourist zone and high prices.

I will show you a great place to stay, the Luxurious Seaview Apartments literally across the street from the ocean with a deck and a great view for under $100 US. I take you on a walking tour of the area showing you several restaurants, the marina and even a public beach.

Bangkok to Amsterdam

I am CREW… Follow me to my ship in Greece

New Post on my YouTube Channel “Travel Guide and Photography”

This weeks video I continue my travel from my home in Nawa, Thailand to my ship the NCL Jade located in Athens, Greece and the port of Piraeus. I made a stop in Bangkok, Thailand for a couple days as I must get some medical paperwork completed before arriving at my ship.

While in Bangkok I will show you a great one-bedroom hotel to stay called Hotel LA 49. It is large and spacious with a great view. It has a separate living room, kitchen, vanity, and wardrobe area along with a large bath, a fully equipped kitchen and a washer dryer. It is located a short walk to Sukhumvit Road and only minutes away from several great restaurants. It is also a short Grab Taxi ride to Terminal 21 Mall, one of the finest malls in Bangkok. To top it off Hotel LA 49 is extremely affordable.

I will also discuss two of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Bangkok, Charlie Browns Mexicana that I have gone to for years and El Jefe Cantina that I just discovered El Jefe on this trip. El Jefe is a small café on a side street and a great place for traditional Mexican food.

I also take you inside El Toro Steak House another find on this trip. It is an Argentinian and Brazilian Steak House and let you know what to expect if you have never been to one. I’ve been to both Argentina and Brazil and El Toro is truly authentic and a great place to eat, especially for meat eaters although it also has a great salad and soup bar. After boarding my plane in Bangkok I touched down in Amsterdam where I give a brief look at the airport and then off to Greece.

Enjoy – Larry