TRAVEL GUIDE and photography | Inside Passage Glaciers…Tips From A Cruise Ship Insider

NEW POST… Yes it’s Monday and another new post on my YouTube travel channel “Travel Guide and Photography”… Whether you are going or want to go on a cruise to Alaska this information is guaranteed to help you with your travels… Even if you are not planning on cruising to Alaska at the very least you are going to see some really nice photographs of glaciers…

I have been a professional photojournalist and published since 1979. When I started this channel one month ago it was the first time I have ever shot a video let alone edit one… I think I’m starting to getting the hang of it… The format is a little bit different and I’m learning so much every day…
Please take a look, let me know your thoughts and enjoy the wonders and beauty of Alaska…

Author: larry pannell

I started my career in photography as a professional photojournalist in 1979 at the time working with several newspapers and magazines in Southern California. What I loved most about photojournalism was its diversity and over my career I covered professional sports, concerts and travel. As life would have it mine took yet another turn and in 1988 I developed an interest in holistic medicine. I became a professional massage therapist specializing in sports medicine. In 1991 I decided to go to medical school and obtained a medical degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and stared my career as a licensed acupuncture physician. After medical school I moved my practice to northern Idaho for a year before settling in the resort area of Sun Valley, Idaho. I’ve always been an outdoor person and hiking and backpacking the Rockies and fishing the pristine river waters and high altitude lakes offered me a wonderful photographic opportunity. In 2010 I left Sun Valley and I once again found myself on a cruise ship, this time working as an “Acupuncturist at Sea”. For the past seven years I have traveled to 85 countries, which has allowed me to photograph much of the world.

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