North to Alaska…


My Africa adventure is a time that I will never forget. Thank you again Liza, Greg and Gillian Parker for your invitation to visit you and go on safari. And thank you Emile Sprenger de Rover for your hospitality and serving as our private guide.

Greg Parker, Liza Parker and Emile Sprenger de Rover                                                     at Emile’s cabin in Ingwelala Private Game Reserve, South Africa

It is now North to Alaska and though this will be my sixth summer traveling to Alaska and the Inside Passage I still cannot wait to get there. The pristine waters, lush rain forests, mountains that glide upward from the sea and the vast numbers of diverse wildlife that inhabits the area make it just that much more special. As John Muir said… “The Mountains Are Calling… I Must Go!”

Flightseeing over Glacier Bay National Park

I’ve always loved the mountains ever since I was very young. I grew up with my grandfather in Merced, California in the San Joaquin Valley. It was only a stones throw from the mountains, which we spent nearly every weekend except in the dead of winter. He was part Native American and passed on his love of nature, the mountains and the wildlife that lived there.

yosemite_half dome_cooks1_190
Half Dome in Yosemite Valley from a flooded Cooks Meadow

Because of these experiences I have a deep-seated love of the mountains. After he died I moved in with the rest of the family to Laguna Beach, California, which is also a very special place for me and close to my heart. Even with that said the mountains are where I feel the most at home. My son Christian said it best when he was 12 years old… “Dad you are a Mountain Man not a Beach Boy.” And so it was to be for I have lived in Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe and the Wood River Valley in Idaho the vast majority of my adult life.

Laguna Beach, California from Heisler Park

For the next couple months I will be writing and posting of my experiences in Alaska. I will be traveling as I have before working as an Acupuncturist at Sea on a cruise ship. This time my home is the Coral Princess carrying 2,300 guests and a crew of approximately 1,000 from countries all around the world.

We will be visiting the historic ports of Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. We will also make side trips to view a number of glaciers in Glacier Bay, College Fjord and Yakutat Bay the home of my favorite glacier the Hubbard Glacier. At the end of the season we will also visit Icy Strait and Kodiak Island as we cruise to Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Guam and Hawaii before heading back to Los Angeles.

Ketchikan, Alaska
Juneau, Alaska
Skagway, Alaska

Each post I will select a different tour or shore excursion that has been a favorite and give you an insiders view of what you might expect if you travel to Alaska. It may not be by cruise ship as there are various ways to get here but cruising the Inside Passage to Alaska is by far the best way to go and offers you the best scenic views, chance of wildlife sightings. All of this from a luxury cruise ship filled with a variety of activities, wonderful restaurants and where you never to cook a meal or make a bed. And one thing that I have heard from numerous guests is… “we only have to unpack once”.

So get ready and lets travel North to Alaska…

aleutian ballad2_190
First Stop… Ketchikan… The Deadliest Catch Crab Fishing Tour

Wildlife of South Africa


Lets take another break from storylines and enjoy some photographs of wildlife in South Africa. Obviously I was not able to photograph every species but I was able to capture a fair amount of wildlife.

Photographing wildlife is one of my passions and I was so fortunate to be able to have gone on safari in South Africa. It is something that I will never forget and another check off my Bucket List. None of this would have been possible with the invitation from my friend Liza Parker and her parents Greg and Gillian Parker who traveled with me on safari. Also a very special thanks to Emile Sprenger de Rover for his hospitality, friendship and volunteer game guide in the Ingwelala Private Game Reserve.

Please enjoy these photographs and the nature of South Africa as seen through my eyes. And to make this easy lets go alphabetically…

baboon yawn_kruger1 copy


baboon baby_kruger1 copy
baboon baby
wildebeest_kruger2 copy
blue wildebeest
bush buck_kruger1 copy
bush buck
cape buffalo_oxpecker_kruger1 copy
cape buffalo and oxpecker
cheetah_dewildt2 copy
duiker_kruger1 copy
elephant_ingwelala1 copy
genet_kruger copy
giraffe_kruger2 copy
klipspringer_kruger1 copy
kudu buck_kruger1 copy
kudu – buck
kudu doe_kruger1 copy
kudu – doe
lioness hunting_kruger1 copy
sharps grysbok_kruger1 copy
sharp’s grysbok
steenbok_kruger1 copy
wild dog group_kruger1 copy
wild dogs
wild dogs_single1 copy
wild dogs
zebra baby_kruger1 copy
zebra baby

I hope you enjoyed the Ingwelala Private Game Reserve and Kruger National Park in South Africa through my eyes. If you ever get the chance to go I’m sure it will be an adventure that you will never forget as was my experience.

self_liza parker1 copy
Liza Parker and myself in Ingwelala – photo by Greg Parker


self_bench copy
overlooking Ingwelala – photo by Liza Parker

Next stop…. Alaska and the Inside Passage